How to expand your child's vocabulary

Did you know that by the time a child turns 3 year old, his/her brain will be fully developed to speak, learn and reason skills. children tend to learn anything at a tremendous speed at an early age. Along with all certain new abilities that develop within a child, they can also acquire confidence at a very young age.

It is important to understand how crucial early years are and how parents can contribute to make it intellectually stimulating. The major part of this process is teaching them all the aspects of vocabulary. Here are some practical tips to increase their ability to understand and use words.

Engage your child in conversation.

Many research has proved that children remember any situations better if the parent engages in natural conversations with their child. The children who remembered the most has their parents who expanded on what they were watching and engaged in mutual conversations with children.

Be an "elaborative" talker.

Describe what is happening, how things look, feel, taste, and smell. These key points draw comparisons between past experiences and what is happening right now. This will help in building vocabulary and increase a child's exposure to words. Top Preschool in Bangalore today understand this importance and focus more on teaching children about vocabulary.

Go on outings.

When expanding your child's vocabulary, it is helpful to share and talk about new experiences. Take your children out on a regular basis, visit a zoo, a park or a museum. Allow your children to socialize or meet people out of the house, be it your extended family, friends or neighbours and their children. Once your child starts engaging with people they will gain access to different vocabs. You can also join your children to preschool which aims to provide best childcare services. So what are you waiting for? Get nursery admissions now .

Visit the library regularly.

Dedicate some time for study in your children's routine. Allow them to pick books for you to read, provide them with various choices. As he/she grows in language skills during early age, they will be able to read all by themselves in quite a bit. Once they are into preschool or school they will eventually start loving the books more and more.

Have your child tell you stories.

Storytelling is very important as it helps children to learn how to communicate better. Tell a small portion of the story and then have your child start on their own. Continue this till you reach the end of the story, this technique will have a great approach toward expanding your children's vocabulary.